The St. Stephen’s Basilica Choir Foundation

St. Stephen’s Basilica Choir Foundation - DonationThe St. Stephen’s Basilica Choir Foundation:

The members of the Choir of St. Stephen’s Basilica perform their service voluntarily, in their free time, without financial compensation. However, running the choir also costs money. For example, we need this website, we need to buy sheet music, we need uniform. If we give a concert, we have to pay for the contributors orchestra, solo singers). But it also costs money if we want to popularize Hungarian music culture abroad, for example, the entry fee for choir competitions has to be transferred.

Sometimes we want to release another CD, we can only do it with support.

In order to be able to accept donations, to be able to enter tenders, we have established the foundation.

We accept donations thanks!

IBAN HU27109180010000041332230006
BANK UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. Head Office
ADDRESS Szabadsag ter 5-6.
CITY Budapest
ZIP 1054

Basic data of the Foundation:

Name: St. Stephen’s Basilica Choir Foundation
Tax number: HU18038282
Degree of public benefit: Public benefit
Foundation goals: cultivating, distributing and supporting church music
Registration decision number: the decision of the Metropolitan Court No. 9.Pk.68680 / 4 (24.06.1999)
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation: Conductor László Fehér